Woody Allen’s New Memoir Is Sometimes Funny — and Tone Deaf and Banal

I’m reading Allen’s books before got to sleep, he is a funny man, funny in a way not of trying to be funny, a funny in the most natural way, in the most intellectual way.

I was laughing out hysterically after seeing the conversation between Grushenko and Kropotkin!

” – If you get a chance, write”, – Grushenko to Kropotkin

I don’t know whether it can be counted as a mere coincidence, or Allen is using his jokes over and over with different sauces, but see…

"<...> I became aware of mortality and figured, uh-oh, this is not what I signed on for.
Why suffer the slings and arrows when...
<...> have to deal with anxiety, heartache, or my mother's boiled chicken ever again?"

And the final scene from “Love and Death” where Grushenko says that there is worse things in life than death, like chicken at the near restaurant.

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