Where to type?

I turned down the offer to be the most famous blogger of all time, and turned into small text producing company “TSCOSJ”. (One day, this line of six letters will cost something!) What we do is just typing any kind of text and publish them whatever place is suitable to reach the potential audience. The work is painstakingly uncertain and no one can make even 0.0000001% accurate predictions what will work out, eventually.

Also, today, I learned that Woody Allen, which is has some dark corners in his biography, still writing all of his screenplays on this very old Olympic type machine. The image has copy-pasted with “All Rights Reserved” thing and stuff.

If you, you are into it, into old dusted type writing machines, and if you are really into it, you have possibly watched this documentary(!), anyway, watch this documentary about type machines and so on.

Besides, I no longer will capable of telling the stories from my daily life as it sounds incredibly selfish and ambitious, as we all know, I am not a Herb Cohen to teach people how to speak, figuratively speaking. Plus, I heard out-loud-speaking of my writing, and it sounds horrible. But initial thoughts I put into them was the most humble and true. So don’t do that. The Internet is not the place for your(!) diaries. Lesson learned, let’s move on!

I don’t need that superstition as to hold the old stuff instead of trying a new ones as this beautifully crafted (by multiple young Chinese persons) keyboard by Apple Inc.

I will ever got 1,000,000 comments on this blog post until tomorrow from real human beings, I’m going to stick into this keyboard for the rest of my life! which is, am afraid so, not going to happen.

I have plans and strategies to learn JavaScript, I even know the book’s author name to read his blog to start. JavaScript is like a joke, is like a joke I am trying to understand so far. I ended up attacking this language more than 10x times, and I just gave up doing this over and over again. And now, this circle has not the end. So I need to train my analytical thinking, I don’t know what I’m talking about, and just talk about JavaScript here. That’s it! Go!

For it, I have the e-book, Chrome browser with appropriate console, open-sourced Text Editor, and the Internet connection to StackOverflow!


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