What’s the problem?

The problem is your expectation and the reality as it is.

Let’s imagine very simple situation: you want to make the next Facebook, at least the next super successful social networking site. It’s not me, we are talking about the usual suspects. Guys with no programming experience, but with desire to change the World.

And their version of building something successful is to watch a bunch of videos on YouTube how easy it is to build something from scratch, and they think that they are the next accidental billionaires, and so on and so forth.


That’s the problem. Reading a book until the end is half of a challenge, the reality itself is the first challenge to face. And how? The media tells you that you are the next big thing, and you can do anything you want, and so on. That’s the bullshit one can sell faster than anyone. You can sell that product, the product called “you are the smartest kid in the room”, why you wound’t start your won company and be the part of the future?


He literally couldn’t build up the company from scratch as he was the only guy in the room who wanted it. If you have a platform, really great platform (e.g. object-oriented programming), where you have invested the half of your future you accidentally earned with the help of your genius programmer, (e.g. would be Steve Wozniak), you need another programmers to join the future. It’s called vision. One should execute his vision before to see how it implemented into the reality.

So the reality itself is so subjective, no one knows how objective it could be without any subjective tryings to make a change. It’s a lot of work to do. And without selling that future, with enormous help of Media at large, that won’t work. That’s why these guys selling you stories “building up” the company in the garage, because without your help (they are a lot of smart people out there), who is gonna write the programs, we called now, applications?

So the guys like Steve Jobs isn’t one in a billion, these guys just the products of their time. So you are not going to substitute their vision, as their vision has already been successfully implemented.

What’s the point? I just tired to read posts about how they were brilliant, smart, hard working persons, etc. etc., you guys acting like little kids. I don’t think so that they were that brilliant, smart, and hard working person as you too can be. Seriously. Look at this? Sounds amazing, right? That’s the products Media is trying to sell you, the word “Success”.

You are not going to be successful, believe me. We, people, just like to hear fairytale stories before go to bed.


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