What’s happened lately?

Nothing much. Except, I started regularly update blog. Why I hadn’t been doing that before – honestly – I never was good at keeping things up in perspective. Now, luckily, I got hand on my keyboard and we’ll see how this goes.

This autumn, marvellously warm (because I’m in South Korea), I found a desk (figuratively speaking) in district where I live, and it’s called “부산창업카페“, and this place affords me to have a desk with legit Wi-Fi connection to do some work on my own. The place isn’t crowded which is still mystery for me, but anyway. I’m pretty excited.

Let me go back to start, when I had sort of devotion to writing on this blog, starts are always exciting (it’s about keeping it on, right?), but I never did that for public, and that’s OK, because the public isn’t actually reading this. (Except my Svetik 😘, who occasionally read my bubbles when I insist her to check out the latest updates. 🙂)

I never tell my friends, parents, relatives etc., about this, I’m just curious to learn how long it will take until people start coming across. (I never did SEO too. Just not interested.) My prediction is it will take more than 10 years to discover my bad writing.

You know, to be in touch with humanity, I started to use emojis on this blog, which is cool nowadays to be fluent at putting right face in the right place, like 😜. (My Svetik noticed that.)

Anyway… How my life has been? I’m really happy to be able to have morning time. The problem was I stayed up until 2-3AM before I finally slept. The challenging part is the next day, when I can wake up by alarm clock, and you are doing snoozing until it’s afternoon. Really annoying habit. Never do that.

Nowadays, I’m reading several books simultaneously. About one of them I wrote a while ago, the book “Freakonomics”, and it freaked my out in the best sense of word. (Also, I do listen to their podcast while I’m walking, or in metro, or just taking bus to the other side of city. Really helpful insights! People are smart! It’s like only me isn’t that smart.)

Since I became afraid that trend will go on, and I thought I should go back to my regular reading habit which was “one book in two week”. Unbelievable!

I’ve also designing a new issue of ILIN magazine. This is exciting too. Yesterday, we published our website at “http://ilinjournal.com/ after some shaky situation with renewal of domain name. Happily, I still hope so, it will work for another year. (I did receive a confirmation letter that purchase was successful, but can’t see the name itself on Admin Panel. Weird. I had to win an auction to take “ilinjournal at dot com” back.)

Now I sit at desk and drink healthy stuff. Speaking of work, I do working now, so I should probably go, a bientot mes amis.

P.S. As I’m a cool guy, I said “see you soon” in French. Yep! 😎

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