What Serena Got Wrong

From “Martina Navratilova: What Serena Got Wrong”:

Ms. Williams was absolutely marvelous toward Ms. Osaka after the match. A true champion at her best. But during the match — well, enough said. The way Ms. Osaka carried herself both during and after the match was truly inspiring.

So is there a double standard in tennis?

We do need to take a hard look at our sport, without any rose-colored glasses, and root out any inconsistencies and prejudices that might be there. Tennis is a very democratic sport, and we need to make sure it stays that way.

But it is also on individual players to conduct themselves with respect for the sport we love so dearly. Because we all look so forward to the next time Ms. Williams and Ms. Osaka play each other; hopefully the drama will come from their magnificent shots and their fierce competitiveness — two athletes showing us how it is done, inspiring us all in the process.

I believe one should be on the court to feel what Ms. Williams had been going through, because it’s always hard to lose, even if you are Serena herself.

P.S. As Steve Jobs said, “eventually everything comes to an end.”

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