Tragedy? Farce? Confusion?

From “Tragedy? Farce? Confusion? The Method Behind That Russian Poisoning Interview“:

“It is a slap in the face of the West,” said Peter Pomerantsev, a fellow at the London School of Economics, an account of his time as a television producer in Moscow. Russia, said Mr. Pomarantsev, “gave up a long time ago on trying to convince anybody that it is telling the truth.”

I have a plan to read Mr. Pomarantsev book “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible.  The Surreal Heart of the New Russia“.

From “Skripal saga’s authors are good storytellers, says Lavrov“:

“Yes, [they are good storytellers],” the minister agreed with the journalists, who asked him to give his opinion on Theresa May’s address to the UK Parliament, in which she accused two Russian citizens of being involved in the crime.

What about Mr. Petrov and his comrade Boshirov? They are better storytellers, aren’t they?

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