Technology firms and the office of the future

From “Technology firms and the office of the future“:

Nvidia will also install cameras to recognise what food people are taking from the cafeteria and charge them accordingly, eliminating the need for a queue and cashier. A self-driving shuttle will eventually zip between its various buildings. And Nvidia’s own AI will monitor when employees arrive and leave, with the ostensible aim of adjusting the building’s heating and cooling systems.

Eliminating the need for a queue and cashier is a great example of eliminating two or three positions that can be substituted by machines. Basically, you are paying once only for hardware and software, and monthly for electricity.

Nvidia is obsessed with triangles, the basic element of computer graphics used to create lifelike scenes in video games and movies. Its new headquarters, which cost $370m, is shaped like one (see picture), and its interior is full of them.

Apple paid 3bn for circle, Nvidia – 370m for triangles, I wonder what is the cost for perfect cube?

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