Tears are falling apart

Tears are surrounded around my eyes ready to drop while I read Ms. Cengiz obituary on NYTimes, a doctoral student at a university in Istanbul, and who was Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée. Such a complicated matter, and loneliness is around the corner waiting all of us.

Our love and our dreams of a new life together brought him from Washington to Istanbul, to get the required documents for our marriage. The hope of spending the rest of our lives together happily motivated Jamal to walk into the Saudi consulate building on that fateful afternoon, Oct. 2.

Jamal and I had many dreams, but the most important one was to build a home together. Sometimes he would talk about his friends in the United States and speak about how he would want me to meet them after our marriage. Almost every day he said he would wish to wake up in the morning knowing he was not alone. Despite dealing with such intense emotions, Jamal never bothered others with his problems. He always tried to remain as strong as a mountain.

Try to take care of everybody around you, at least be nice to them. World is going crazy, without love there is dust.

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