Tabs, many many tabs

If you are cool, cooler than anyone else, you should be able to put links on your blog like… Too many tabs are too bad for memory allocation, as the memory is full how browser, two browsers, is eating my memory from the bottom to the top.

Just look at this tabs! I can’t close them, that’s how the certain feeling is flying around and saying “don’t close the tabs, read them all before to do anything stupid as closing them!” How to deal with that???

I want to be designer at Facebook. How about that? I don’t have to rocket scientist for that, just 2+ years of experience in UI/UX of building mobile and desktop apps. Or in the best case scenario, Facebook can acquire the company I will try to build. Sounds exciting yet impossible, today. How to start my own design company? One needs a computer with macOS I believe.

  • Application design;
  • Visual design;
  • Interaction design.

That’s why one should learn CoffeeScript, light version of JavaScript, but before, tinker with hardcore JavaScript itself. I have two books to read. Sounds easy, challenging to accomplish. Also, Framer is a great app to play around with interaction design. For visual design, to read few books about color and how they work in one ecosystem of app. I need to build up the app to show my work for others to gain some experience, real world experience. (Not just bubbles about my dreams!)

That’s why, second of all, I created this blog. Show your work, buddy! Check out this github repository for some ideas! Read commits.

AirBnB JavaScript style guide page on GitHub. I really should focus on JavaScript first!


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