summer time busyness

I just realized that I never had holidays in summertime since like my childhood, it’s a sad story. In 2008 when I was visiting Kenigsberg for a short period of time, and one day we headed, on the public bus, to the sea to taste the Baltic sea waters, it’s a good story happened to be a long time ago, I saw a bunch of people at the shore doing absolutely nothing but to rest and laugh.

I guess nothing much has changed since that summer, indeed as I can recall from 2019 now sitting at the workplace where I temporarily assigned. And I think from one occasion to another about those people having rest and laughing out loud while taking a sip from the cup with beverages where a miniature beach umbrella in it swimming around, might be that they are working really hard to play hard? What if I do not work my ass off to be able to spend some weeks on the beach?

And then I think it can’t be fair to think like that.



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