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A for Aristotle

From: “Need a New Self-Help Guru? Try Aristotle“:

What sort of moral being am I right now?

Am I prone to envy or revenge, rage or lust, overblown confidence or secretive cowardice?

Do I find acute pleasure in precisely the things that stand in the way of my long-term happiness?

If your mind ever raised such questions, go and read…

Aristotle’s way on Amazon.com

P.S. Do you ever ask yourself a question, take for example book charts, I guess you’ll find 6 books out of 10 about how to change one’s life, is it a human desire to change something all the time? Particularly their life?

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C++ is for programming

I’m looking for a game to port it from one system to another as homework while learning to programme in C++. So that’s my evenings.

Nowadays, I can run simple programs with a sequence of if-else statements/clauses, but everything still a spaghetti code from Michael Dawsons’s book “Beginning C++ Through Game Programming”, which I will highly recommend to take a look at, if you are very new to the topic and want to be close to it.

Here’s the game I will try to port or write in C++.   My primary notepad to write code is VS Code which is enormously powerful, the software has its own, as a plugin though, debugger! And you can install it with one click!

I need few weeks to finish the book, and it is if I won’t take any exercises (it takes a ton of time to check and go the next one) and just reading and reading, without any distraction as actual thinking.

That’s it.

I will come back to exercises though, it means I will read the book twice. The source code of Doom was already downloaded on my local disk to try to follow the thoughts of almighty John.

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Farewell, friend


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Calling to the Night

One song will define an industry.

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The Making of Great Performers 2018

Justin Peck, the New York City Ballet’s resident choreographer, created a series of dance films for the year’s best actors. See what it took to get Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Lakeith Stanfield and others moving their bodies in new ways.

I just wonder what is the idea to put something already published somewhere in one more place? Is it some kind of re-tweet phenomena? But it’s ridiculous to re-tweet that something from The New York Times to your own website, it’s two totally different platforms!

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Seth has a new blook…

As I have been a reader of Seth’s boog for a long time, I can tell that it is quite challenging to stay at flow to write almost every single day just to publish your thoughts on the Web. More challenging part is to have such readers that will come back to URL to see what’s happening with you. The latter is the ultimate enigma for me.

Seth has a new design for his blog (I liked Medium like “star” button to show how much you appreciate his writing), with his consistency and endeavor, I’m not surprised a lot that he is keeping up with the schedule so far.

So Seth, I made up two words for you, you can take them for free, blook and boog, clever combination of “book” and “blog”.

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Spent my evening watching how people, one by one, in a range, are heading from a car to another room before shaking hands and telling to each other some stories the microphones won’t listen to.

Very interesting and entertaining, no sarcasm.

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Difference between two political systems

From “3rd Graft Case Is New Threat For Netanyahu“:

In the other cases, he is accused in the first of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts in exchange for political favors, and in the second of trading influence for favorable coverage in a leading Israeli newspaper.

Looks ridiculous to me for what can be accused a president, “trading regulatory favors for fawning news coverage,” I mean if you are living under the presidency of Vladimir V. Putin.

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How to measure a success?

I was so close to success, to a real success, so close! One step away from success, one step away!

Lesson learned: Luck is the ultimate ingredient!

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