Gaming Goes Main… Steam! So quit your college.

Steve Jobs story is great! Here’s the story told by Kotick himself:

“Steve Jobs heard about us as we were making software for Apple II hardware. He called me and said “Steve Jobs calling you…” and I was thinking it was actually one of those kids I was growing up with in Long Island and that is not even a good joke. And it was like in 1983.

I wanted to say “Hi, I’m Oscar Robertson. I was a big Nix fan, and he started to telling me that I need go to Cupertino and he really wants to talk about the software we are making, and I go. He showed us the prototype of a Macintosh. I never forgot this moment when he unzips this little blue bag and he takes it out and turn it on to see the screen with “Hello” on it, and I thought “this is unbelievable, this is going to change the computing, and I still get this <…> and then he says “show yours.

I logged this Apple II with 64Kb floppy disk drive, and then this mouse we designed, we put it on and I show him the mouse and he looks at it and “this is a piece of shit!” And he throws it on the floor. And he says “you are going to use our mouse, and don’t ever think about using two button mouse, you are going to use one button mouse.”


“Steve Jobs said that you are going to make a software for new Apple II J, and we are going to give you a contract. So he gives us a contract and he comes to visit us in our office above Burger King. The first thing he says is how the hell you work here, like the smells of burgers comes up the elevator.”


And at the ends of the meeting, he says “do you have any vegetarian restaurant around here that we can go to the dinner. And I like “I’m sure we do but I can’t go to dinner because I have a class.” and Jobs was like “What do you mean?” and I like “I have a class” and he said “In what” and I said “It’s a history of our makeup class” and he said “What are you making up for?”


“I need to go the class”, and he said “Why do you need to go to this class?” and I said “Well… I’m in college” and he looks at me and like “What are you talking about? You have a contract to make a software for an Apple computer, we have a deadline. You can’t in the college, you are already employed and you need to work full-time, get out of college.”

And I like “I can’t, I promised to my parents to finish the college” and he is like “No, you are not finishing college, I will rip <…> this contract right now if you don’t quit college,” so I quit.

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Odyssey 2001

Nothing today but his… I haven’t finished watching this cartoon yet, but it is something smart and philosophical to feed your mind.

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Creed III is coming I guess

Just watched “Creed II”. The first movie was better, much better. Ok, waiting for Creed III. Wrote another review on IMDb.

Not getting older, younger. Weird. Comparing to Stallone I mean.

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Xamarin, and so what?

I don’t need another IDE in fact, Xcode would be quite enough to get done some programming, but the idea to learn C++ is going up and up and up that I’m reading nowadays the book with the title “Beginning C++ through game programming” by Michael Dawson, and I liked it very much so far.

If you can’t get the idea of types, integers, arrays, functions, and classes, go and get this book!

For example, what’s an array? In some books and articles on the Internet about programming you’ll read something “Arrays in C++ An array is a collection of elements of the same type placed in contiguous memory locations that can be individually referenced by using an index to a unique identifier,” get the idea? I’m not!

In this book, you’ll find explanations something like…

Can you see the sequence of icons at the bottom of the screen? Here’s your array at work. The same you can find on the right side of the screen, i.e. Warcraft uses an array to store the player’s inventory, but in our case, some magic that hero has.

Read Sam Stenner‘s answer to Can some give an example of the use of an array in a video game? on Quora

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Learn Korean with…

He is quite good if you want to learn Korean but don’t know where and how to start. As a learner of Korean language, I have to say that it is going to be an amazing journey into the phonetic alphabet of Korean and… It’s a lot of work. But this guy is really good, especially his videos about grammar and his certainly his book “Learn Made Simple by Billy Go”.

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Not quite as good as Range Rover

If Lamborghini started to make off-roads, I can’t imagine how much they earned out of their sports cars.

For an auto-maker I think, making a new type of car is only possible if you had successful models earlier, right? It’s like making a new kind of soda if the earlier sellings reports were successful, right? Or am I talking about obvious things there?

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How I spent Friday’s evening?

The guy is super humble, and I respect him for what he went through with his wife and changed his life when he became an actor but stayed with the same values. Semi-biographical stand-up comedy show held not at the theater, but at the club. Chow is a great storyteller. Highly recommended to watch!

DeGeneres Netflix special was, sorry, so boring.

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Absolutely brilliant and heartbroken at the same time!

Life-changing documentary about the greatest driver on the planet!

Top Gear’s tribute. 😢

P.S. Watched it on Netflix.

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An ode to the bus

303 is for a coach made by Mercedes-Benz.

Svetik and I watched the movie yesterday at the local cinema center, an interesting love story in the road movie genre.

Actually, yesterday was Valentine’s day. The website, where the tickets were bought, promised to run subtitles with original audio, but there was horrible Russian language translation which ruined everything. Not good.

The film was O.K., by the way, for low-budget and lack of characters.

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Sugar Man

Forget everything for now, and go and watch this life-changing documentary! Also, watch everything around the movie, especially how it was made and tragic story of its director’s life.


Also, I wrote a review especially for this title on IMDb.

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