The Dawn, W. B. Yeats

It’s cosmic maaaaan, how one can even dare to think like that, “I would be ignorant as the dawn”, wow!?

Someone, do me a favor, add this verse to “Dawn, The” page in Wikipedia, my IP is just blocked.

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Из “Лицейских дневников” Пушкина

Давыдов является к Бенигсену: «Князь Багратион,— говорит,— прислал меня доложить вашему высокопревосходительству, что неприятель у нас на носу…»

— На каком носу, Денис Васильевич? — отвечает генерал.— Ежели на Вашем, так он уже близко, если же на носу князя Багратиона, то мы успеем еще отобедать…

P.S. Кто Багратион, а кто Денис Васильевич (см. фото), я думаю, вы и сами догадались. Фотографии из Wikipedia были соединены через сервис и оптимизированы на

Источник: Дневники. Автобиографическая проза/Сост., подгот. текстов и вступ. ст. С. А. Фомичева; Примеч. и им. указ. Н. Е. Мясоедовой: Худож. Г. Г. Федо­ ров.— М.: Сов. Россия, 1989.— 384 с.— (Русские дневники).
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A quick review of “what’s going on here”

This blog costs me $10 each month, and I completely forgot (but still paying) to write (even rarely) here something I learned from here and there. This blog available on the Internet since 2014 or so, you do the math! I have to say though, “us dollar to russian ruble” changes enormously (at least for me) to keep up such places like paid hosting, but I must! I can’t give up! I can’t surrender! And I should write to explain somehow such losses.

Moreover, second week as Russia is under strict self-isolation regime (mode?), it means no going outs if there is not urgent need like to feed the body (visit neighboring stores for water and bread), you can imagine how plethora of time to read and write was handed to us and all these precious hours can be used to be more active here and not waste dollars, so here we are!

Besides this blog, you also can check out my bookmarking blog at! You won’t find anything super useful there, I myself need a reminder to check what I accumulated, but the idea is cool I think, if I found something worth to save, iPhone makes it really easy to do so, so why to ignore such a cool feature? Plus, all these train of links can be useful to someone else. (Yes, it is not likely.)

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NGL Viewer, cool molecular visualization

More writing has to be down here than I had been doing, I think. So let’s go!

As a long reader of various blogs, it is easy to notice how the people often use their voice to share the knowledge, mostly, about what they learned and how it can be useful to other people, i.e. to their readers, so today, let’s talk about NGL Viewer!

Here is the paper about what it is and why it works.

Highly recommended to read the paper Structure of Mpro from COVID-19 virus and discovery of its inhibitors, and run NGL View in your local Jupyter notebook to see this…

It is COVID-19’s main protease from one of the endless angles to notice one very popular (the most?) ideograph in human history, did you see it? (One more example). If you are now curious to see Mpro structure from every possible angle, go to RCSB Protein Data Bank.

Very interesting fact is that the project… “The RCSB PDB was jointly funded by the NSF, the NIH and the US DoE [NSF DBI-1338415; PI: SK Burley]. H.N. was supported by NIH Grant GM103297, ‘The Center for HIV RNA Studies.’” Go and check how much the total cost of such vast projects can be.

P.S. Sure it is all written above a bit funny speculations and has nothing to do with real science.

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What a nice song!

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Зря, кукуруза, не послушалась ты арбуза

Мультфильм как шикарный пример Хрущевского волюнтаризма, но не менее шикарная анимация и озвучка.

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Woody Allen’s New Memoir Is Sometimes Funny — and Tone Deaf and Banal

I’m reading Allen’s books before got to sleep, he is a funny man, funny in a way not of trying to be funny, a funny in the most natural way, in the most intellectual way.

I was laughing out hysterically after seeing the conversation between Grushenko and Kropotkin!

” – If you get a chance, write”, – Grushenko to Kropotkin

I don’t know whether it can be counted as a mere coincidence, or Allen is using his jokes over and over with different sauces, but see…

"<...> I became aware of mortality and figured, uh-oh, this is not what I signed on for.
Why suffer the slings and arrows when...
<...> have to deal with anxiety, heartache, or my mother's boiled chicken ever again?"

And the final scene from “Love and Death” where Grushenko says that there is worse things in life than death, like chicken at the near restaurant.

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90 by Pompeya

People are so talented!

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Renegade by Dylan LeBlanc

Music time. Surprise! They guy is only 14 days older than me! The sons he sings though sounds like a classic song!

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Quarantine lead to self-isolation

And I got some time to get back to blogging, and more than that, updated my WordPress system here.

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