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I don’t feel my writing in the right way that I’m doing something substantial, and it’s not because of lack of daily readers, or I hadn’t been able to pick up more broader topics to talk about, not at all… The problem is I was working with wrong “problems”. I’m super grateful to have this train of thoughts to work with in coming future.

Let me be perfectly clear with it: under such circumstances, it isn’t good habit to expand such notion when one feel either he or she has to block all of it, or try to block the coming of thoughts instead of working on “real” problems. Psychological worries as the shake relationships with my older sister, or some arguing with my parents over minor details, — it doesn’t matter.

If one want to live a good materialistic life, why not? A good house, a garage with two brand-new cars, two times vacations abroad in a year, happy family with full of joy, healthful kids, parents visiting you, and most of all, you are working on problems and solutions to make people’s life easier, etc., etc., — it is matter, but…

There is something deeper though. How we react… How we react to anything. I have wonderful wife, and I don’t want to allow any others thoughts than that. The first thing I’m grateful today. Let me continue… I’ve wonderful parents, I’ve wonderful sister and brother. I’ve wonderful grandparents. Seriously! It is matter! But as in any other relationships between people, one should take care of everything, and try to be the solution.

We all have problems, we all have worries, we all have some bad and good thoughts, therefore, we all have some unique habits, we all have… That’s all we have. Everything else is the mirror of our thoughts processing. Our ancestors play great deal of in our presence, and time flies. What does matter if time flies so fast?

It’s all about, as I’ve learned along the way of life, on what sort of problems we are working on, and how we solve them, and how we react to results of them. It’s all about being good problem solver. I’m not saying one should focus on problems only, but one should figure out broader, universal problems to have a  good life.

Today, I’m grateful to have such a great personal life. I’m grateful that I have a chance to spend time with people I want to spend, and I’m grateful to focus on things that does matter. I’m grateful that I do work on ideas and plans towards the future. And most of all, I’m grateful that I don’t want to waste all of it for nothing as try to convince somebody/anybody I can do make a difference.

It’s not about making a difference, making a world the better place. A lot of work to do until that. Believe me.

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