Lesson for $30

Yesterday, I took a valuable lesson and it costs me $30! You better not to make my mistake. Here’s the moral: never, ever, play, in financial markets, in speculative financial markets, under your emotions! Hold on your emotions, release the analytical view of things! If you have one, of course.

Warren Buffet has one super rule: never lose money! And the second: don’t forget the first rule! The price was the real money, the lesson from real-life experience, and I’m glad that I can move on now.

Yep! Looks foolish! That I bet all of my money into one currency, one which is speculative in its own nature. What I did that?

Foolishly overconfident! First thing I did wrong: never be overconfident! Yesterday, the bitcoin prices were up 10%, which is crazy number for me! And I thought it is going to rise forever, and I will earn a lot of money! Overconfident! Foolishly overconfident!

And I put all of my money into one basket! Also, I multiplied my losses and gains(!), which was the most critical aspect of my mistake! Put everything into one basket, and multiplied both losses and gains. I was under my emotions to make bucks!

Yesterday, I received my first bitcoin ever! It costs me about $2! What else? I’ll be back!

I’m back! Now and on, as of today, I have 99.95 worth of bitcoins on my wallet. How to use it? I have no idea. In the morning, I bet my fake $5000 on rising the prices on bitcoin on Libertex platform, and as of now, I lost almost $500 bucks! See, betting against the market, in a speculative way, can be productive too! If you know when to bet down, and when to bet up! It’s always 50/50!

5 thoughts on “Lesson for $30

  1. The blockchain technology (bitcoin particularly) is one of the most promising technologies of today. This technology destroys centralization on the market so IMO on the longterm bitcoin will only rise. I am not saying that you should always bet on +… but regarding the PT: bullish trend probability >>> bearish.

    1. “This technology destroys centralization on the market so IMO on the longterm bitcoin will only rise” – it sounds like a “the sun will always rise from the east”. LOL

      1. Yeah, it is pretty much obvious. So don’t be upset that you lost money. Especially if you have learned something helpful. Also check out this website coinmarketcal.com. There you can watch upcoming events in the cryptocurrency field

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