I’m grateful today for…

Edward Weston, Irving Penn, Ruth Bernhard at Scott Nichols Gallery. AIPAD 2013 from galleryIntell on Vimeo.

I’m so grateful for today. I woke up at around 11:00AM, and what I did is that I visited local hospital. After the hospital, I tool a walk to my home while listening to podcasts on Overcast. It’s really helpful way to train and to learn something new. People are smart. Just like me. Kidding.

Five things I’m grateful for is that:
1) I have mutual love in my life.
2) I can work on the project I believe in while making less money than all of my peers.
3) I believe in myself that I can make difference even if I don’t have cash to take a bus.
4) I grateful that I read all the time (if not, I listen to) to learn a lot each day.
5) I grateful to have such a great parents that support me whatever I do. (Sometimes, even they are tired that I still do not have high-paying job.)

P.S. I’m trying to learn a new programming language called “Haskell”. It’s not among one of the most popular languages at all, so called “functional programming language” is something “challenging” for me, as the subject is highly mathematical, I skipped one week from my learning curve. 😅

Haskell uses GHC compiler, and I’m reading the book “The Little Schemer” to learn something. It’s challenging, it’s weird because I didn’t used to solve such problems as making more effective string parser, finding the next Fibonacci number, etc., etc., but it sounds compelling to me, if we can count the fact that I always wanted to be smarter than the next guy.

In “The Little Schemer”‘s foreword, I came across the name totally separate from the World of programming – photographing – Edward Weston. I found his website and his early works, and it didn’t impress me much, but I liked his quotes, let me use them here:

I see no reason for recording the obvious.

The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?

Opposite? Ah? I believe that one should record the obvious because the camera sees the obvious from other angels nothing can catch on. So, Mr. Weston, with all my respect, one should record the obvious to make it non-obvious.

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