How we learn things about things?

You know, it’s always about cutting the-middle-man and doing what essential, exactly!

The other day I was part of the conference call and the people gathered there to learn English, it was a free lesson for everybody interested in English, so why not?

I can’t take precise conclusions from 40-minute-zoom-call, the incentive was that the lesson is free, and there were 4 other persons in it, if I my take a guess – women in their 40s, and three of them from four are Yakut spoken persons – their pronunciation was a clear sign of it.

The teacher was an asian guy in his 30s with better pronunciation than the local people used to talk and talking, even if they have clear distinctions of what difference between present perfects and when to use the word “concatenation”, which was a good plus for him, and for the school who organized this free lesson.

Anyway, the lesson had started, as per usual lesson, I mean the teacher has shared his Windows based machine and traditionally Power Point presentation had shown up, and there were title one can see very clearly “when to use “have to” and “must”.

Of course it was just the free lesson and the topic had been chosen by the teacher, and the guy was paid by the school to ask some very basic questions, and everyone is happy, what’s up?

I used to work as a teacher of English for a relatively long period of time and I used to pack up my lessons with the same idea of taking with myself few slides and pages from book and explaining what had already been explained, and that’s it.

And now I must say that’s wrong way of learning things not from the teacher perspective, but from those who eat that dish they paid for. It’s not tasty and cooked by someone who learned things from book, not life. It’s very critical, especially in teaching and learning.

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