How am I learning these days?

Have you noticed my excessive usage of the word these these days? Why it is happening, these? I think it is because these days I am reading few books simultaneously, science books, and it is pretty good books.

So, how am I learning these days?

Watching a lot of YouTube videos, the appreciation you would feel by watching the long (up to 6 hours) videos (of someone sitting in front of monitor and doing what he is doing), is when you do the videos (including editing) and posting them on YouTube, the reality is kicking in instantly by statistic numbers like views and new subscriptions.

The last video I uploaded few hours ago got like 2-3 views and I guess it’s my own, I have now idea how much time and efforts it will take to start make some money out of this very energy consuming activity, anyway, go and check my channel and may be even subscribe!

It is very competitive field I have to say, stream games, commenting it, and doing it without editorial side of it, just recording and uploading it as it is. Ok, here my last video…


Two channels that will help you to learn from how others do the streams.

George is brilliant! Just the websites he is visiting for the info, only this information can shape your day! Another level of googling, another level of focusing, another level of… You should watch his videos just because it is entertaining and real hub for ideas.

And I found this excellent channel (George’s recommendation) and now watching it like forgetting what time is it now, like really? What time is it? 3AM!!! I should go back and sleep.

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