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This is going to be a long post, the post in which I tell you about what I have been doing with my autumn – as if you care. Each section of this post will be labeled with a relevant heading so you can pick which parts to skip.


Look here for our magazine’s website. It is still rather simplest layout ever. The first step has taken — future is coming: maintaining Facebook’s page, creating Instagram and Twitter accounts as well, etc. etc. Yes!, nothing new to the World of marketing.

While most of my afternoons sound pretty boring, I do designing the magazine I work for, (I honestly like my job, the process itself!)  focusing on “don’t waste your time” did prevent me from waking up after 10AM and in my morning time, am doing some actual work. Sometimes, as any other job on the planet, it’s stressful a bit.



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This might be one of those things that is much funnier if you are experiencing it by yourself, (there is saying in Korean language “백물불여일견”, which can be roughly translated as “better to see once than to hear 100 times”.) 석불사 – is a temple on mountain I don’t know the name of. Yes, sorry. Just check this link on YouTube. 석불사 is my third temple on mountains I visited. Great experience I never forget.


Dear friend, I would have described my superficial circumstances how one day, the plane I was, landed on Seoul International Airport, but you won’t find anything interesting as each day hundreds of thousand of people visiting this country with different aims. As you may recall from previous episodes, I have been writing mostly about food I ate, and restaurants I had visited, but today, as I told you, this is going to be really, really a long post.


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Yes, South Korea differs from Russia as my native language differs from Russian language. I have been living in sunny (sometimes rainy) Busan about a month, and I learned something new how people lead their life.

Here, without any Korean language knowledge, I lead a normal social existence, usually spending my Saturdays hiking the next mountain, or visiting another interesting place I could find  around with other foreigners or Korean people. In my Sundays I usually do the work and preparations for Monday. By the way, Busan has beautiful beaches just to take a walk along them.

Weather is great, go out and visit the next interesting place, eat the next delicious food, hang out with people around the World, etc., etc.

The fascination climate of Busan

Busan has truly amazing climate on earth (if you can remind yourself what’s the weather like in Yakutia in October) – it never rains (surprisingly only sometimes) and the temperature along the coast hovers around a balmy 21-25 degrees. (Yes, Busan located right near to the Ocean!) Apparently, I enjoy this good weather more than any other Korean living here because of something called “permafost”!

#flowers #구절초

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Besides enjoying the good weather, and designing the best magazine (in my opinion), I have been practicing my English, and started to learn Korean language. It’s the first time I’ve really had a good confidence that I can crack the pronunciation of Korean alphabet and improve my vocal skills close to the original, native speakers. When I read Korean sentences to native speakers, they understand me very well. I have learned to develop a tolerant appreciation while I’m talking to someone, because it’s the first time I’m living with people from all over the World, such a diverse social circle I’m in nowadays.

I probably can’t say much more about how I improved my English language level, and how I can describe some advance aspects of life, but I will say that I have sort of feeling when I do talking in English is my brain just in flow and ready to work out any complex ideas and stuff I want to say. (May be I’m wrong, just being narcissistic. There is still a lot of room for improvements.)

I have 13” display to work, if I have usually been working on 27”! Yes! But the MacBook Pro has still pretty nice keyboard I still comfortable with, and for sure, Magic Mouse is the best on any surface! I’m missing my 27” 5K Retina display much!


I miss my Svetik SO MUCH, literally, SOOO MUCH! Most of my awake time, I’m missing one person, and her name is Svetik.

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