Eric Roth and his MS-DOS application to win Oscar

This video I was looking for! The short documentary about Eric Roth. The guy who wrote screenplay for “Forrest Gump”. The book itself is so dumb to compare with screenplay, so Eric Roth made Forrest look dumb, but be consistent inside. Read the book, the first three pages, and you’ll get what I’m saying instantly.

The video I posted because of another writer Woody Allen, who still using type machine to have done some work. You know what I mean?

These guys are weird. But we never know how they work, so stop judging them. At least the documentary’s level of curiosity so high, it’s like eating ice-cream after taking 20km walks under the sun. Go and watch it! The only recipe to make a substantial work is to get up early and do some writing. Don’t waste your time on this blog. Go and do something! Now!

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