Cummings’s Reading List

You can skip the blog post and read Cummings’s original essay (it’s highly recommended):

  1. Thucydides
  2. Statistical modeling
  3. The Brothers Karamazov
  4. The Quark and the Jaguar
  5. Kipling’s Kim
  6. Tetlock’s Good Judgement Project

In what areas you should focus your mind, i.e. attention:

  1. Better prediction of complex networks
  2. Ubiquitous cheap energy and opening space for science and commerce
  3. Exploration beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, better materials and computers, digital fabrication, and quantum computation
  4. Understanding the biological basis of personality and cognition, personalised medicine, and computational and synthetic biology
  5. Quantitative models of the mind and machine intelligence applications
  6. Nielsen’s vision of decentralised coordination of expertise and data-driven intelligence (‘a scientific social web that directs scientists’ attention where it is most valuable’); more ambitious and scientifically tested personalised education; training and tools that measurably improve decisions (e.g.ABMs)
  7. Replacements for failed economic ideas and traditional political philosophies; new institutions (e.g. new civil service systems and international institutions, a UK DARPA and TALPIOT (non-military), decentralised health services)

Sounds complex, isn’t it? Are you ready to attack these fields? Your mind are capable of it?

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