“Cobblers Children Syndrome”


I remember the moment when I talked to the editor-in-chief of one  local newspaper, and he was telling to me about being in touch with the technology, and he was himself was using far-more-outdated version of Microsoft’s OS, it was hard to believe him and learn some useful lessons from him about how to be in touch with technology if his reality was telling the opposite.

The same is about “how to be success” stories all over the Internet written by simply non-millionaires, trying to get some audience to run advertisement to earn the penny. All what I mean is “you better be very careful with your sources of information.”

One example is taking couch classes after paying reasonable amount of money to be in the classroom of “hard believers” into the theory that someone can tell you the master formula which can be applicable to anything what you are doing to make some bucks, or at least to interact with alike-minded people while having so called “free coffee and snacks”in an intermission.

One popular former politician had visited the town where I live. The audience was huge there (judging by random videos posted by visitors on social networking sites), and all what they learned, to put in two words, it’s important to read classic literature. Obvious? I believe so. But you can count on that 90% of people that were there — still ignoring these facts and keeping to scroll down their feeds.

It is up to them, and it is up to me to rise such phenomena is it is my own island where I the president, the imperator, and the jake of all trades. That’s why I’m telling you that blogging is the future, and people will learn about that centralized systems are meant to steal your time and make profits out of it to sell your “attention” to potential firm that is going to be your “next stop” to rumble about.

What’s the next? Likes and comments aren’t free, unless you are interacting with your customers. It’s great, no question, to be in touch with humanity by the help of websites, and believe me, I know, it’s super hard to get the attention, but it’s not the game worth to play if you can focus on your work instead of doing that, trying to be in touch with humanity.

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