Release a website


Hello there! I’ve been busy on working the website for one small organization. HTML5 is great, the current state of web technology is mesmerizing!

First of all, clearly, it is time to sharp my knowledge of HTML/CSS, and go deep into JavaScript. If it will succeed, time to learn some React! The question is “How to manage my days to accomplish all of it in short period of time”? Recommended reading is “Deep Work” by Call Newport.

Honestly, I’m thinking between JS and PHP. Which one I should prioritize to low mechanical manipulations of <tags>?

Why I quit Social Media, and you should too!

The statement is tricky though.

If you are living a good life, there is no point to scream about it. I convinced myself that no one cares about me other than my parents, some relatives, and really close friends. So I decided I should improve and make healthier these relationships than to indulge some strangers and try to be “that nice guy“.

I even don’t interact with my parents over messaging apps as I found it being not who I am. I care about them in the deepest level of my heart. We better go to the village and help them than sending useless emojis over the Internet.

It’s like buying TV for $1200(!) which I found utterly distasteful decision in a long-term than to buy a relatively advanced phone and give it to parents if they are using clunky phones. Better than enjoy TV shows all by yourself.

P.S. Don’t buy TV ever! If it is not the part of your job.

People are smart

They are really smart, believe me. One can learn a programming language over the weekend and make production ready service to market some products. Yes, I’ve seen that. But believe the other side of a coin as weLL: majority of them are just good story-tellers.