C++ is for programming

I’m looking for a game to port it from one system to another as homework while learning to programme in C++. So that’s my evenings.

Nowadays, I can run simple programs with a sequence of if-else statements/clauses, but everything still a spaghetti code from Michael Dawsons’s book “Beginning C++ Through Game Programming”, which I will highly recommend to take a look at, if you are very new to the topic and want to be close to it.

Here’s the game I will try to port or write in C++.   My primary notepad to write code is VS Code which is enormously powerful, the software has its own, as a plugin though, debugger! And you can install it with one click!

I need few weeks to finish the book, and it is if I won’t take any exercises (it takes a ton of time to check and go the next one) and just reading and reading, without any distraction as actual thinking.

That’s it.

I will come back to exercises though, it means I will read the book twice. The source code of Doom was already downloaded on my local disk to try to follow the thoughts of almighty John.

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