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Gaming Goes Main… Steam! So quit your college.

Steve Jobs story is great! Here’s the story told by Kotick himself: “Steve Jobs heard about us as we were making software for Apple II hardware. He called me and said “Steve Jobs calling you…” and I was thinking it … Continue reading

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Odyssey 2001

Nothing today but his… I haven’t finished watching this cartoon yet, but it is something smart and philosophical to feed your mind.

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Creed III is coming I guess

Just watched “Creed II”. The first movie was better, much better. Ok, waiting for Creed III. Wrote another review on IMDb. Not getting older, younger. Weird. Comparing to Stallone I mean.

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Xamarin, and so what?

I don’t need another IDE in fact, Xcode would be quite enough to get done some programming, but the idea to learn C++ is going up and up and up that I’m reading nowadays the book with the title “Beginning … Continue reading

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Learn Korean with…

He is quite good if you want to learn Korean but don’t know where and how to start. As a learner of Korean language, I have to say that it is going to be an amazing journey into the phonetic … Continue reading

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Not quite as good as Range Rover

If Lamborghini started to make off-roads, I can’t imagine how much they earned out of their sports cars. For an auto-maker I think, making a new type of car is only possible if you had successful models earlier, right? It’s … Continue reading

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How I spent Friday’s evening?

The guy is super humble, and I respect him for what he went through with his wife and changed his life when he became an actor but stayed with the same values. Semi-biographical stand-up comedy show held not at the … Continue reading

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Absolutely brilliant and heartbroken at the same time!

Life-changing documentary about the greatest driver on the planet! Top Gear’s tribute. 😢 P.S. Watched it on Netflix.

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An ode to the bus

303 is for a coach made by Mercedes-Benz. Svetik and I watched the movie yesterday at the local cinema center, an interesting love story in the road movie genre. Actually, yesterday was Valentine’s day. The website, where the tickets were … Continue reading

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Sugar Man

Forget everything for now, and go and watch this life-changing documentary! Also, watch everything around the movie, especially how it was made and tragic story of its director’s life.   Also, I wrote a review especially for this title on … Continue reading

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