Air, something on the air…

Most likely it is dust, bazillion of them. I never paid any attention to dust, I just ignored the fact that there are a million of nano “things” flying around and you are breathing it, exhales and inhales over and over again. All of it while working.


And for now, we should buy “TIM10 Desktop CO2, Temp. & Humidity Monitor“, and if it can’t be affordable at this point of time, something similar to it. Because, you know, you never know what the numbers are just by simply “breathing in and out”.

Furthermore, if you wasn’t using air-purifiers, you should read the next article with headline “Direct Effects of Low-to-Moderate CO2 Concentrations on Human Decision-Making Performance“.

Release a website


Hello there! I’ve been busy on working the website for one small organization. HTML5 is great, the current state of web technology is mesmerizing!

First of all, clearly, it is time to sharp my knowledge of HTML/CSS, and go deep into JavaScript. If it will succeed, time to learn some React! The question is “How to manage my days to accomplish all of it in short period of time”? Recommended reading is “Deep Work” by Call Newport.

Honestly, I’m thinking between JS and PHP. Which one I should prioritize to low mechanical manipulations of <tags>?

Why I quit Social Media, and you should too!

The statement is tricky though.

If you are living a good life, there is no point to scream about it. I convinced myself that no one cares about me other than my parents, some relatives, and really close friends. So I decided I should improve and make healthier these relationships than to indulge some strangers and try to be “that nice guy“.

I even don’t interact with my parents over messaging apps as I found it being not who I am. I care about them in the deepest level of my heart. We better go to the village and help them than sending useless emojis over the Internet.

It’s like buying TV for $1200(!) which I found utterly distasteful decision in a long-term than to buy a relatively advanced phone and give it to parents if they are using clunky phones. Better than enjoy TV shows all by yourself.

P.S. Don’t buy TV ever! If it is not the part of your job.

People are smart

They are really smart, believe me. One can learn a programming language over the weekend and make production ready service to market some products. Yes, I’ve seen that. But believe the other side of a coin as weLL: majority of them are just good story-tellers.

“Cobblers Children Syndrome”


I remember the moment when I talked to the editor-in-chief of one  local newspaper, and he was telling to me about being in touch with the technology, and he was himself was using far-more-outdated version of Microsoft’s OS, it was hard to believe him and learn some useful lessons from him about how to be in touch with technology if his reality was telling the opposite.

The same is about “how to be success” stories all over the Internet written by simply non-millionaires, trying to get some audience to run advertisement to earn the penny. All what I mean is “you better be very careful with your sources of information.”

One example is taking couch classes after paying reasonable amount of money to be in the classroom of “hard believers” into the theory that someone can tell you the master formula which can be applicable to anything what you are doing to make some bucks, or at least to interact with alike-minded people while having so called “free coffee and snacks”in an intermission.

One popular former politician had visited the town where I live. The audience was huge there (judging by random videos posted by visitors on social networking sites), and all what they learned, to put in two words, it’s important to read classic literature. Obvious? I believe so. But you can count on that 90% of people that were there — still ignoring these facts and keeping to scroll down their feeds.

It is up to them, and it is up to me to rise such phenomena is it is my own island where I the president, the imperator, and the jake of all trades. That’s why I’m telling you that blogging is the future, and people will learn about that centralized systems are meant to steal your time and make profits out of it to sell your “attention” to potential firm that is going to be your “next stop” to rumble about.

What’s the next? Likes and comments aren’t free, unless you are interacting with your customers. It’s great, no question, to be in touch with humanity by the help of websites, and believe me, I know, it’s super hard to get the attention, but it’s not the game worth to play if you can focus on your work instead of doing that, trying to be in touch with humanity.

Lesson for $30

Yesterday, I took a valuable lesson and it costs me $30! You better not to make my mistake. Here’s the moral: never, ever, play, in financial markets, in speculative financial markets, under your emotions! Hold on your emotions, release the analytical view of things! If you have one, of course.

Warren Buffet has one super rule: never lose money! And the second: don’t forget the first rule! The price was the real money, the lesson from real-life experience, and I’m glad that I can move on now.

Yep! Looks foolish! That I bet all of my money into one currency, one which is speculative in its own nature. What I did that?

Foolishly overconfident! First thing I did wrong: never be overconfident! Yesterday, the bitcoin prices were up 10%, which is crazy number for me! And I thought it is going to rise forever, and I will earn a lot of money! Overconfident! Foolishly overconfident!

And I put all of my money into one basket! Also, I multiplied my losses and gains(!), which was the most critical aspect of my mistake! Put everything into one basket, and multiplied both losses and gains. I was under my emotions to make bucks!

Yesterday, I received my first bitcoin ever! It costs me about $2! What else? I’ll be back!

I’m back! Now and on, as of today, I have 99.95 worth of bitcoins on my wallet. How to use it? I have no idea. In the morning, I bet my fake $5000 on rising the prices on bitcoin on Libertex platform, and as of now, I lost almost $500 bucks! See, betting against the market, in a speculative way, can be productive too! If you know when to bet down, and when to bet up! It’s always 50/50!

Unintentional *grammatical* mistakes

They are everywhere on my blog, as clouds on the sky in summer evening. If you’ll notice them, don’t get me wrong, help me to fix them. I do blogging in a great hurry! No time to even edit my posts before to publish them. That is pros and cons, at the same time, of online publishing industry.

Countless of people has got the weapon of mass influencing, some of them, not me exactly, to make up opinions for la masses. How to use this power? If your readers counting is None, you don’t have one.

You can order T-SHIRT with “tscosj” on it!

My phone’s OS has updated today. Time to focus on things that matter. I need to go back to work!

Tabs, many many tabs

If you are cool, cooler than anyone else, you should be able to put links on your blog like… Too many tabs are too bad for memory allocation, as the memory is full how browser, two browsers, is eating my memory from the bottom to the top.

Just look at this tabs! I can’t close them, that’s how the certain feeling is flying around and saying “don’t close the tabs, read them all before to do anything stupid as closing them!” How to deal with that???

I want to be designer at Facebook. How about that? I don’t have to rocket scientist for that, just 2+ years of experience in UI/UX of building mobile and desktop apps. Or in the best case scenario, Facebook can acquire the company I will try to build. Sounds exciting yet impossible, today. How to start my own design company? One needs a computer with macOS I believe.

  • Application design;
  • Visual design;
  • Interaction design.

That’s why one should learn CoffeeScript, light version of JavaScript, but before, tinker with hardcore JavaScript itself. I have two books to read. Sounds easy, challenging to accomplish. Also, Framer is a great app to play around with interaction design. For visual design, to read few books about color and how they work in one ecosystem of app. I need to build up the app to show my work for others to gain some experience, real world experience. (Not just bubbles about my dreams!)

That’s why, second of all, I created this blog. Show your work, buddy! Check out this github repository for some ideas! Read commits.

AirBnB JavaScript style guide page on GitHub. I really should focus on JavaScript first!


Logo design process

I’ve been working on some logo projects as one for magazine, and one for the projects “TSCOSJ” (myself), and one for student’s newspapers, and one, still, for the Nigerian startup called “Digifrac-K Technologies”, etc. etc. and now I’m working on for local mas-wrestiling organization’s logo. I need angry mammoth!