“Keep journal (online diary) alive!” Actually, What I meant by “online diary” was “my first attempts to learn programming language”. Sorry, yes, by “online diary” I meant “online diary” you are reading now. But nobody cares. People that care, don’t need the diary, they need me! As simple as that. Sorry to say, no one cares about diaries in the Internet. So keep them private, keep them for yourself! As this reminder! Good luck!

I will try to find a time to write about programming. That would be more interesting, and more entertaining as I had started to learn HTML/CSS for 100x time since the high school. The progress is slow, but it didn’t stop since, ahah!

And I really should get back to Korean language. At least to write down 10 words per day. Not to learn by heart, just to keep at hand. I mean, in the elevator, for instance, I could have taken the note out in order to see what I wrote down. I could have memorised 30-40% from it each day. I hope. Why not?

But actually, no one cares about that, except me. Why I do learn this language? For business purposes, just for business purposes.

One day, this blog is going to be super popular, you’ll see. So you better start reading it now, in a daily basis, to tell your friends, you were amongst first who sticked to it and who saw the potential.

Chains are good to stay fair

The book I read nowadays. I should focus on one book at a time. (It is how to accomplish things in life I came up with.) But before dive into this book which I started only today…. Take a look at this wonderful article about bitcoins.  Particularly interesting thoughts were the next:

Yet for all this profligacy bitcoin remains limited. Because Mr. Nakamoto decided to cap the size of a block at one megabyte, or about 1,400 transactions, it can handle only around seven transactions per second, compared to the 1,736 a second Visa handles in America.

Seven transactions per second… Hm… Only seven transactions per second. I believe it is limitations what makes things attractive.

 If blockchains have a fundamental paradox, it is this: by offering a way of setting the past and present in cryptographic stone, they could make the future a very different place.

So my advice to use the next: don’t be late comer, get interested to “blockchain” right now as you can expand the idea of it in your place.