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Original content to be created…

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An interview with Adam Smith

As I nowadays am reading “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” by Adam Smith, I found the interview with him.

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“The Problem of Writing and Money”

From “The Problem of Writing and Money”: “People may want to read about what it’s like to be poor, but they don’t want to pay for it. Paying for things is a rich person’s privilege, and people pay for access to … Continue reading

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Early death is a part of the game, right?

I bet I’m wrong…

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Complexity organised with simplicity

Who did this is the pure genius of UI/UX and I think as a human being as well!

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Captain Borvel

Watched it yesterday in theaters, the curious fact is Svetik and I stayed awake with the help of our inner supernatural power. Rate: 5/10

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Bethesda Desda

Todd, Sorry, God Howard is the most charismatics person in the game industry! That would be great to meet him IRL. P.S. Crowdfunded documentary about the history of Bethesda Games, and… It was a bit boring, too long.

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America is weird, so weird 😜

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No.js of Node.js

Isaac Schlueter – No from mikeal on Vimeo.

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Gaming Goes Main… Steam! So quit your college.

Steve Jobs story is great! Here’s the story told by Kotick himself: “Steve Jobs heard about us as we were making software for Apple II hardware. He called me and said “Steve Jobs calling you…” and I was thinking it … Continue reading

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