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Logging and blogging

Just read earlier posts I published here and I found them to be very raw.

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Social Media Has Changed

Because the World has changed?

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How we learn things about things?

You know, it’s always about cutting the-middle-man and doing what essential, exactly! The other day I was part of the conference call and the people gathered there to learn English, it was a free lesson for everybody interested in English, … Continue reading

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Cummings’s Reading List

You can skip the blog post and read Cummings’s original essay (it’s highly recommended): Thucydides Statistical modeling The Brothers Karamazov The Quark and the Jaguar Kipling’s Kim Tetlock’s Good Judgement Project In what areas you should focus your mind, i.e. attention: … Continue reading

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10 life lessons from @naval

@naval is a twitter name of Naval Radvikant. When looking for a purpose to life, notice that most things are stepping stones, done for ulterior motives. If you ever want to have peace in your life, you have to move … Continue reading

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You want to be a designer, so where can you start?

I think it would be fair to say that I’m not qualified to give the answer to such “big questions”, anyway, here is my algorithm of problem solving where you can get one simple thing done: design something that would … Continue reading

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How am I learning these days?

Have you noticed my excessive usage of the word these these days? Why it is happening, these? I think it is because these days I am reading few books simultaneously, science books, and it is pretty good books. So, how … Continue reading

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Ad Blockers not cool anymore, at least on Safari

It’s like hilarious to install plugins like Ad Blockers via re-designed and re-styled App Store, whaaaat? And people really selling plugins there for real money! I can’t imagine such world where one have to pay to block ads, it is … Continue reading

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О переименовании ЯГСХА в АГОУ

Местное правительство поздравило “Якутскую государственную сельскохозяйственную академию” с переименованием, теперь она “Арктический государственный агротехнологический университет”! С другом стороны, может мне реально переименовать фамилию на Gates? Но от этого, естественно, миллиардером не стану. Может быть для ВУЗ-ов это как раз и … Continue reading

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Swift 5.2 Official Documentation

Learning Swift PL these days to make an app and release it immediately, I have, as I believe most people, an app idea to make a million of dollars, but the problem is, as of today, one must know Swift … Continue reading

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