“Atomic Blonde” or KGB knew everything

Oh, Lord Almighty! This movie is A CRAP! User “dintjommi” from IMDb said everything I have in my mind while watching the movie right now in the background. The movie is THAT sort of bad I’m playing it in the background.

There is no story, no characters and not much action. I like the fight scenes, but they are only 2-3 minutes. I guess this is what the audience wants, people posing with a gun in 1 hand and a cigarette between their bruised lips. Also a bit of lesbian action and some casual ice baths for the hardened super agent.

Exactly! No story whatsoever. The only storyline you can expect from this movie – smoking cigarettes and stylish scenes in a manner of “New Order” music. Nothing else.

Theron’s acting is good, screenplay is weak with full of “cliche” moments we had seen in movies with such titles 10 years ago. Writer had to work harder in it. -1! In general, the movies has full of “professional” actors, you know, James McAvoyEddie MarsanJohn GoodmanToby JonesSofia Boutella, even Til Schweiger, etc., but in front of poor screenplay writing – it can be useless. 

Wardrobe specialist hired to wear Theron did a pretty good job, the specialist who organized all these lights in her hotel room, in club, bar, and the mysterious streets of East Berlin, all are good, even fight scenes are incredible – but screenplay? It ruins everything build upon it. Weak fundament, and how well looking building you have – it can be useless.

I agree with “bowiekid“, he says: “Charlize Theron is stunning and has talent, but not even she could save the mess of a script.” Another great headline from “dmanchon“, “A two hour long tobacco commercial“! 😂 And this one from the same reviewer”: “the dialogues feels out of place, trying to be smart but sounding hollow and superficial, bringing you out of the movie“. So true! I mean “trying to be smart but sounding hollow…”

This reviewer is literally a brilliant sort of!!! Read this when he says about smoking in the movie! (Reminded me of Constantin with K.Reeves.) “Smoke: They should allow smoking in theaters. At the movie ending I was craving for a smoke, and you know what? I don’t smoke!!” 😂😂

Next one from “bradenton“, says “That is 115 minutes of my life I will never be able to get back. I would rather clean my bathroom then watch that movie again. The one good thing I can say about at least I didn’t fall asleep. I should have brought some dental floss so there would have been a little action during the movie that was interesting.”

P.S. То есть, это кино не заслуживает вашего внимания полностью. Но есть обратная сторона медали, и та сторона более чем заслуживает: любое плохое кино, даже если вы полностью расстроены итогом, почитайте отзывы! Лучшее занятие чем какое-либо самое смешное ТВ-шоу. Я например от отзывов о “Atomic Blonde” смеялся долго и громко!


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