As Eric said, you need arrogance and self-confidence to execute your vision. You don’t even have to be the smartest from the smartest, brilliant guy. The Media will take care of it. You need just arrogance and self-confidence to execute any vision you want.

The majority of people too much afraid of facing the reality, so they just give up before even to take the first step.

And why? Not all of the people want to change the World. This is how the World works. Not all of the people want to change the World. Why you are trying to change the World? Because someone said that you can do it? Bullshit. World doesn’t need you to be changed. You can change yourself, that’s less expensive and more realistic. Do the latter.

The second ingredient is you need to be disciplined to execute something large than life, or may be a little smaller than large. Discipline to execute something you want to do. Facing dumb repetitive work to polish the vision, to pivot in the right time, and taking reality not too seriously, and be among of people that have similar mindset as you.

You can be an arrogant if you before weren’t. You can grow your inner self-confidence. You can do it, too. But don’t try to change the World. <…>


I wrote a lot of cool stuff here, but the software didn’t save it, so I lost all my best words! Ok.

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