Ad Blockers not cool anymore, at least on Safari

It’s like hilarious to install plugins like Ad Blockers via re-designed and re-styled App Store, whaaaat? And people really selling plugins there for real money! I can’t imagine such world where one have to pay to block ads, it is just not logical to me.

Does it mean that the landscape of how we browse and see ads is changing? How do I even install an ad blocker plugin in Safari without thinking about it? Yes, it is no brainer if one uses Chrome to install any plugin, it is two click easy thing to do, but in Safari, how? Nowadays, everything must be done via AppStore? It is stupid!

I know that advertising money should be paid back by people at least seeing the ads somewhere while browsing, but it is not how Web worked before, right? Going to give a try to Brave later just because of it.

Google Chrome is my go-to browser since 2008-2009, the problem is, my desktop computer has only 8GBs of RAM, and it is less than anything to have such privileges like running browser with multiple opened tabs and Xcode with simulator at the same time, it is a headache just to type simple text on Playground and waiting… waiting… while it will debug for me basic if-else statements, not saying running a blank page of an app on simulator!

So now I have to ignore all the ads everywhere by watching them one by one.

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