A quick review of “what’s going on here”

This blog costs me $10 each month, and I completely forgot (but still paying) to write (even rarely) here something I learned from here and there. This blog available on the Internet since 2014 or so, you do the math! I have to say though, “us dollar to russian ruble” changes enormously (at least for me) to keep up such places like paid hosting, but I must! I can’t give up! I can’t surrender! And I should write to explain somehow such losses.

Moreover, second week as Russia is under strict self-isolation regime (mode?), it means no going outs if there is not urgent need like to feed the body (visit neighboring stores for water and bread), you can imagine how plethora of time to read and write was handed to us and all these precious hours can be used to be more active here and not waste dollars, so here we are!

Besides this blog, you also can check out my bookmarking blog at albertiealik.tumblr.com! You won’t find anything super useful there, I myself need a reminder to check what I accumulated, but the idea is cool I think, if I found something worth to save, iPhone makes it really easy to do so, so why to ignore such a cool feature? Plus, all these train of links can be useful to someone else. (Yes, it is not likely.)

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