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How we learn things about things?

You know, it’s always about cutting the-middle-man and doing what essential, exactly! The other day I was part of the conference call and the people gathered there to learn English, it was a free lesson for everybody interested in English, … Continue reading

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Cummings’s Reading List

You can skip the blog post and read Cummings’s original essay (it’s highly recommended): Thucydides Statistical modeling The Brothers Karamazov The Quark and the Jaguar Kipling’s Kim Tetlock’s Good Judgement Project In what areas you should focus your mind, i.e. attention: … Continue reading

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10 life lessons from @naval

@naval is a twitter name of Naval Radvikant. When looking for a purpose to life, notice that most things are stepping stones, done for ulterior motives. If you ever want to have peace in your life, you have to move … Continue reading

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