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Absolutely brilliant and heartbroken at the same time!

Life-changing documentary about the greatest driver on the planet! Top Gear’s tribute. 😢 P.S. Watched it on Netflix.

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An ode to the bus

303 is for a coach made by Mercedes-Benz. Svetik and I watched the movie yesterday at the local cinema center, an interesting love story in the road movie genre. Actually, yesterday was Valentine’s day. The website, where the tickets were … Continue reading

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Sugar Man

Forget everything for now, and go and watch this life-changing documentary! Also, watch everything around the movie, especially how it was made and tragic story of its director’s life.   Also, I wrote a review especially for this title on … Continue reading

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Racket it!

The book “Masters of Doom” is hugely recommended reading if you haven’t been amazed by it yet. Time to learn Racket? Everything he touches, John makes it seems to be super simple, but it is not.

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A for Aristotle

From: “Need a New Self-Help Guru? Try Aristotle“: What sort of moral being am I right now? Am I prone to envy or revenge, rage or lust, overblown confidence or secretive cowardice? Do I find acute pleasure in precisely the … Continue reading

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C++ is for programming

I’m looking for a game to port it from one system to another as homework while learning to programme in C++. So that’s my evenings. Nowadays, I can run simple programs with a sequence of if-else statements/clauses, but everything still … Continue reading

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