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Bethesda Desda

Todd, Sorry, God Howard is the most charismatics person in the game industry! That would be great to meet him IRL. P.S. Crowdfunded documentary about the history of Bethesda Games, and… It was a bit boring, too long.

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America is weird, so weird 😜

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No.js of Node.js

Isaac Schlueter – No from mikeal on Vimeo.

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Gaming Goes Main… Steam! So quit your college.

Steve Jobs story is great! Here’s the story told by Kotick himself: “Steve Jobs heard about us as we were making software for Apple II hardware. He called me and said “Steve Jobs calling you…” and I was thinking it … Continue reading

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Odyssey 2001

Nothing today but his… I haven’t finished watching this cartoon yet, but it is something smart and philosophical to feed your mind.

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Creed III is coming I guess

Just watched “Creed II”. The first movie was better, much better. Ok, waiting for Creed III. Wrote another review on IMDb. Not getting older, younger. Weird. Comparing to Stallone I mean.

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Xamarin, and so what?

I don’t need another IDE in fact, Xcode would be quite enough to get done some programming, but the idea to learn C++ is going up and up and up that I’m reading nowadays the book with the title “Beginning … Continue reading

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Learn Korean with…

He is quite good if you want to learn Korean but don’t know where and how to start. As a learner of Korean language, I have to say that it is going to be an amazing journey into the phonetic … Continue reading

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Not quite as good as Range Rover

If Lamborghini started to make off-roads, I can’t imagine how much they earned out of their sports cars. For an auto-maker I think, making a new type of car is only possible if you had successful models earlier, right? It’s … Continue reading

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How I spent Friday’s evening?

The guy is super humble, and I respect him for what he went through with his wife and changed his life when he became an actor but stayed with the same values. Semi-biographical stand-up comedy show held not at the … Continue reading

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