2017’s summer and 2018’s winter in South Yakutia

As I’d been publishing here my first ever journey into the heart of South Yakutia, I had published few photos back then, after taking the trip. Luckily, I had a chance to visit the same place right before 2018 year! (And spent the first weeks in Khatystyr!)

Thanks to the Google’s cloud technology for storing photos, we can compare Yakutia’s summer and winter here right now!

The photo was taken from inside of pharmacy house!

Svetik’s aunt house in middle of the September. You’ll notice, if you are looking really carefully, the trees are changing its lists from green to yellow color.

1941-1945! I respect everything you can see here!

Svetik had shown me her ancestor’s names in this memorial! Huge respect!

And as a prove I’ve been in these places, here’s my photo! 😅

P.S. Also, in this post, you can compare camera capabilities of iPhone 5S and iPhone 7Plus. Sure, I’ve a lot photos than that, more is still coming. I’ll write almost each day I spent in house of my future wife, with her wonderful parents, and aunt, and bother, and brother’s wife, and their child, and… Oh, with a lot of relatives of my Svetik. 😊

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