Pulp Fiction in Media Landscape of Yakutia

So sick of it! No real news coverage about issues in affordable healthcare, house pricing politics, federal budget, nothing about where tax payers money flows! Nothing, only criminality, pulp fiction internet news gathering organizations! Absolutely devastating amount of trolling, no statistics, no forecasts, nothing but emotions! Ton of small internet web-sites without zero editorial aspect, nothing about local government activities, nothing about signed papers and documents, zero amount of information about the past economic decisions and how they impacted the future, nothing! Sick of it!

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Calling to the Night

One song will define an industry.

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The Making of Great Performers 2018

Justin Peck, the New York City Ballet’s resident choreographer, created a series of dance films for the year’s best actors. See what it took to get Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Lakeith Stanfield and others moving their bodies in new ways.

I just wonder what is the idea to put something already published somewhere in one more place? Is it some kind of re-tweet phenomena? But it’s ridiculous to re-tweet that something from The New York Times to your own website, it’s two totally different platforms!

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Seth has a new blook…

As I have been a reader of Seth’s boog for a long time, I can tell that it is quite challenging to stay at flow to write almost every single day just to publish your thoughts on the Web. More challenging part is to have such readers that will come back to URL to see what’s happening with you. The latter is the ultimate enigma for me.

Seth has a new design for his blog (I liked Medium like “star” button to show how much you appreciate his writing), with his consistency and endeavor, I’m not surprised a lot that he is keeping up with the schedule so far.

So Seth, I made up two words for you, you can take them for free, blook and boog, clever combination of “book” and “blog”.

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Spent my evening watching how people, one by one, in a range, are heading from a car to another room before shaking hands and telling to each other some stories the microphones won’t listen to.

Very interesting and entertaining, no sarcasm.

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Difference between two political systems

From “3rd Graft Case Is New Threat For Netanyahu“:

In the other cases, he is accused in the first of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts in exchange for political favors, and in the second of trading influence for favorable coverage in a leading Israeli newspaper.

Looks ridiculous to me for what can be accused a president, “trading regulatory favors for fawning news coverage,” I mean if you are living under the presidency of Vladimir V. Putin.

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How to measure a success?

I was so close to success, to a real success, so close! One step away from success, one step away!

Lesson learned: Luck is the ultimate ingredient!

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Managing your emotions

Today, I talked to Woebot, an A.I. clinical therapist.

From “MAY A.I. HELP YOU?“:

Two-thirds of people will never get in front of a clinician,” says Darcy, who talks in an exuberant flow. “And that’s in the United States! The rest of the world? More than half the world doesn’t even have access to basic health care. The idea of mental health care is just completely out of reach.

The bot can’t still answer to basic questions, if they are repetitive in my case, for example: “What’s your name?”

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Prolific and self-taught scholar who rehabilitated Nietzsche

From “Prolific and self-taught scholar who rehabilitated Nietzsche“:

At a time when paper shortages made jobs scarce for journalists, he mastered his crafts as journalist, linguist and writer through a mixture of singleminded determination and sheer talent.

He was, in every sense, a self-made man. This makes his achievements in the field of Nietzsche studies all the more remarkable. He became an accepted member of the British academic scene, and, as such, was invited to Melbourne University as visiting scholar in 1991-92.

I read his book “Фридрих Ницше. Трагедия неприкаянной души” at least 10 times!

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Tears are falling apart

Tears are surrounded around my eyes ready to drop while I read Ms. Cengiz obituary on NYTimes, a doctoral student at a university in Istanbul, and who was Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée. Such a complicated matter, and loneliness is around the corner waiting all of us.

Our love and our dreams of a new life together brought him from Washington to Istanbul, to get the required documents for our marriage. The hope of spending the rest of our lives together happily motivated Jamal to walk into the Saudi consulate building on that fateful afternoon, Oct. 2.

Jamal and I had many dreams, but the most important one was to build a home together. Sometimes he would talk about his friends in the United States and speak about how he would want me to meet them after our marriage. Almost every day he said he would wish to wake up in the morning knowing he was not alone. Despite dealing with such intense emotions, Jamal never bothered others with his problems. He always tried to remain as strong as a mountain.

Try to take care of everybody around you, at least be nice to them. World is going crazy, without love there is dust.

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